Cardiff Wings

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Cardiff’s latest travel accessory, Cardiff Wings!  Here is a quick introduction:


Introducing Cardiff Wings

Cardiff Products announces a revolutionary solution for millions of travelers who want restful sleep without neck pain. Their latest release, Cardiff Wings, provide a portable, adjustable design that easily attaches to airplane seats to give passengers a comfortable place to rest their head.

Soft, padded fabrics help fliers drift into dreamland, while the strong lateral support keeps their head and body upright and comfortably aligned in the seat. Cardiff Wings prevent annoying neck pain, without lugging around an unsightly pillow. They can even be used as a non-intrusive privacy barrier to provide a little peace in a cramped cabin.

How it Works

The universal design of Cardiff Wings is fully adjustable and compatible with passenger seats on all commercial airlines. It only takes a few seconds to secure the mount on the top of the seat using the Quick Grip Ratchet System. Once secure, simply slide on the padded headrest and adjust the height for a custom fit.  

The patented 2-piece design lets you rest your head to the left or right. Slide off the headrest to chat with a neighbor, and when it’s time to deplane the mount detaches with just a touch of a button. The mount is just 2.5-inches long, so it won’t interfere with passengers behind you – even on flights with in-seat monitors.

Cardiff Wings’ discrete design is compact and ultralight, weighing less than one pound to easily fit in carry-ons. Cardiff Wings sleep solution includes the universal mount, padded headrest with machine-washable sleeve, and a portable carrying case with strap to attach to luggage. The universal mount is so versatile, it can be used on planes, trains, buses and anywhere you find high backed seats.

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Installs in seconds!  Watch co-founder, Jason Arriola, show the simplistic design and installation process. 

At Cardiff Products, we've always felt the neck pillow has left passengers with a less than desirable solution to sleep.  Would you agree?