About us


Two brothers in 2012 set out to solve a simple problem by creating what you will find to be an amazing product: The Travel Headrest.

After countless trips in the car, whether after a soccer game or heading up to grandma’s, once the kids fell asleep in the car it was an unsettling feeling to say the least. My twin boys would slide out of their seatbelts with their heads bobbing left and right, my wife and I would call it “noodleneck”. With nothing out there to help with…. well Greek philosopher Plato said it best:

“A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem”


How did we get here? Cardiff products can be traced back to 1996 way back when this little thing called the internet started to gain some popularity. You could find Will Regan and myself (Jason Arriola in case you were wondering) skateboarding up and down Southern California, when we weren’t breaking bones trying to jump 20 stairs…… ok 10 stairs, you could find us tuning our cars together. Fast forward to 2009 our friendship turned to family with Will marrying my sister, and now we are business partners set out to prove that family and business do mix.

Today the two skateboarding buddies are Fathers first, Husbands second, and business partners as well. We are currently in over 200 retail stores Nationwide, including some of the Nations leading retailers, and most exciting we are growing internationally. Most important to us in business is the satisfaction of our extended family and that’s you. We treat every customer like it's one of our moms buying from us!